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“Medicinal Leech Salivary Glands Secretion (SGS) determines the humoral effect of hirudotherapy (medicinal leech wounding the patient’s skin followed the SGS injection) .
High specificity of biological active proteins in SGS, such as Hirudin, Factor Xa Inhibitor, Triptase Inhibitor, etc., determines the success of treatment done by medicinal leeches”. 

Girudo-Med Bio-Factory, Lyubetsy, Russia. 2007

The secret of salivary glands secretion (SGS) of medical leech:

SGS contains more than 150 bioactive substances and has anti-edematous, bacteriostatic, analgesic, resolving actions. It eliminates microcirculation disorders, restores damaged vascular permeability of tissues and organs, eliminates hypoxia (oxygen starvation), reduces blood pressure, increases immune system activity, detoxifies the organism, releases it from the threatening complications, such as infarct, stroke (through blood purification), improves bioenergetic status of the organism (through rejuvenation).


Hirudin –
the active principle in the salivary glands secretion of leeches that acts as a potent anticoagulant (blood-thinner).

Inhibits blood coagulation by binding to thrombin.The name HIRUDIN comes from the Hirudo (leech) MedicinallisIn 1884 John Haycraft from Strasbourg discovered that the anticoagulant properties in leech’s salivary glands. Only in the 1950’s this anticoagulant was isolated and found to be an antithrombin, an inhibitor of thrombin. However, the primary chemical structure of HIRUDIN was determined in 1976. The anticoagulant drugs Desirudin and Lepirudin (brand name: Refludan) are genetically engineered combinant forms of Hirudin.
Naturally, in  the chemically processed form they have side effect that we want to avoid!
Going a “LEECHWAY” – the natural bio-therapy with medicinal leeches does not cause ANY SIDE EFFECTS during and after the hirudotherapy treatment.

Inhibits blood coagulation by blocking the binding of von Willebrand factor to collagen. Inhibits collagen- mediated platelet aggregation
Monomerizing activity. Dissolves fibrin. Thrombolytic effects
Inhibits kallikrein, trypsin, chymotrypsin, neutropholic cathepsin G
Anti-inflammatory. Inhibits trypsin, plasmin, acrosin
Increases interstitial viscosity. Antibiotic
Cholesterol esterase

Tryptase inhibitor
Inhibits proteolytic enzymes of host mast cells
Anti-inflammatory. Inhibit the activity of alpha-chymotrypsin, chymase, substilisin, elastase, cathepsin G
Factor Xa inhibitor  Inhibits the activity of coagulation factor xa by forming equimolar complexes (very important role during the treatment of Osteo-arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis)
Complement inhibitors
Replace natural complement inhibitors if they are deficient
Carboxypeptidase A inhibitors
Increases the inflow of blood
Histaminelike substances
Vasodilator. Increases the inflow of blood at the bite site
Anesthetics subsctance
Anesthetic anti-pain during the leech “bite”

– and over 150 more defined by medical research hirudo-enzymes, bioactive substances and proteins WITHOUT ANY SIDE-EFFECTS ON HUMAN AND ANIMAL BODY, RESEARCH PROVED .