Help from the Black Pearls



In recent years an increasing number of people are looking into alternative treatments concerning their health conditions because they are either unhappy with the side effects of their current medication and treatment or because there is no adequate treatment available for them in conventional medicine.
AGE-LESS HEALTH through drug-less alternative treatments is the next natural STEP forward as a choice of  healthy life style in our society.

Medicinal Leeches applications are one of the leading Alternative & Complementary modalities in the World.  – Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Blood Purification with preventive Hirudotherapy became a very popular
form of natural healing.
In Modern hirudotherapy  we do not use wild leeches. Instead, we use leeches grown at the bio-farms / bio-labs  in the controlled sterile environment in Europe – .
There is NO BIOPHARM in the USA. Our distributor and supplier is the Carolina Biological Supply Company —
nowadays, leeches – Hirudo Medicinalis/Hirudo Verbena are One-Time-Use only principle, and mandatory requirement by the Hirudotherapy International Law.
This fact completely excludes the chance of infecting a patient. 

We are in compliance with FDA requirements and the Academy of Hirudotherapy regulations.